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Life Experiment #53 – Running To Work: Part II

By Allen Rinehart

Running In Naples

I just moved into my new apartment here in Naples, Italy and I’m loving it.  I knew first and foremost that I would not get a car here in Italy. Sometimes it can be inconvenient but it has definitely simplified my life.  I choose an apartment about 6 miles from where I work. Just far enough that its not a crazy distance to run. I’ve been testing the bus routes and running paths since I’ve arrived and I definitely think its time to roll out my new routine so for the next month, I’ll be running to work.

Hypothesis: Based on my past experience of run commuting in San Diego, I know for sure that a daily run to work will increase my overall fitness level. There’s nothing more motivating to get you to workout then applying it to something practical in your life.  I’ll being using the a combination of public transit and running to make my way to work, so this month is all about finding out which combination works to get me there in the least amount of time at the lowest cost.

Public Transit And Running Hybrid

After some initial runs, I know have the capacity to run the entire distance, but as a practical matter, I find that it’s best to combine some public transit with running. In San Diego, I used a free commuter ferry to get me across the San Diego Bay to my job in Coronado.

In Naples, I’ll be using combination of either subways and buses plus running to get  from my apartment to work at the Naples airport.  I’m trying to the least expensive option if I can. So far I’ve used a bus called the Alibus to get work.  The only problem is this particular bus costs about twice as much as regular bus ticket (3€ per trip or about $3.67).  Not a big cost, but the goal is to keep my transportation costs as low as possible.

My other concern is safety. Downtown Naples can sometimes be a little crazy to navigate by foot.  San Diego had big even sidewalks that I could easily run whereas running through parts of Naples can get a little congested when trying to push through little crowded sidewalks. I don’t want to have to stop at every intersection to lookout for cars.

Overall, a little run commute can be fun and pretty rewarding.

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One response to “Life Experiment #53 – Running To Work: Part II”

  1. zana says:

    Hi Allen,
    How went your experiment? How do you do in Napoli?
    Is that Italian food really so delicious?


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