The Life Experimenter : Change Your Life, One Month at a Time

Why Experiment?

Why would anyone want to change in the first place?  That’s a good question and I attend to answer with the personal experiments I undertake on this blog.  My theory on life is that we are constantly evolving as human begins.  Each day is an opportunity to try something new.

Each week, I pick a new “Life Experiment” I want to implement in my own life.  A habit I want to change.  A new skill I want to develop.  A new challenge I set for myself.  Then try it out for everyday for 30 days.  I may not continue everything I set out to do, but its my hope that any person can learn from an experience if they at least try.

What I’ve found is that nothing happens in life until you take action…action that you take everyday.  In order to create some kind of change you need to DO something.  Experimenting gives you the option to pick one or two simple habits that you try and decide if its something you want to integrate in your life.

My inspiration to experiment come from a few people including:

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