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Life Experiment #40 – Water Fasting Every Other Day For A Month

By Allen Rinehart

It’s day two of my 30 days of  fasting every other day.  Yesterday, I started my 30 day trial off by fasting for a full 36 hours from dinner Sunday night all the way till breakfast on Tuesday morning.  I got inspiration from a BBC documentary I saw over the weekend called Eat, Fast and Live Longer.  It reminded about the month I experimented with Intermittent Fasting.  Lately, I’ve been struggling with ways to lose about 10 lbs or so and the documentary reminded me that I had stopped the habit of fasting.  This time I want to take it even further.  Instead of fasting for 24 hours twice a week, I want to try water fasting for 36 hours 4 times a week or eating every other day for a month.

Hypothesis:  I believe that weight loss will be fairly significant during this trial.  I estimate losing at least 7-15 pounds in a month.  But I’m not sure if I want to continue this habit indefinitely.  I was thinking about testing every other day water fasting then transitioning into every other day caloric reduction.  So instead of not eating completely on my fasting days, I would simply reduce my calories to about 50%.

Why I Hate Dieting And Decided To Try Fasting

Weight loss is a simple formula of expending more calories than you consume.  One way to do this is restrict your calories over a period of time.  Say you only eat 75% of your normal intake over 2 months.   Your start to look at everything you eat and determine if it’s the right amount of food for you..  You also feel constantly feel hungry and unsatisfied.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about eating healthy.  I’ve gone from eating a pescetarian diet to eating mostly vegan.  But sometimes that not enough.  Vegans aren’t immune from gaining weight.

For me, intermittent fasting aligns more closely with how humans used to eat.  We were hunters and gathers, so we’d go a day or two without food, hunt it for it, then gorge ourselves until we could find food again.  Fasting can also increase your brain power.  It was mentioned in Eat, Fast and Live Longer that fasting improves the functioning of brain synapses as the bodies natural response to lowered food intake.  When you’re in a situation where you need food, you’re going to need 100% of your brain function to successfully find more food.

Results For The First Two Days

I’ve already loss about 2 lbs so far and I feel great.  The first day of fasting was a bit of an adjustment, but simplying keeping myself occupied avoided any preoccupation with food.  I focused more on drinking water all day and actually stayed a lot more hydrated than I normally am.  The biggest difference between today and yesterday is my energy and concentration levels.  Since I didn’t come home from work and eat a big meal yesterday, I felt a strong urge to do my laundry and  organize my desk.  Without food, I felt like I could concentrate on one thing a lot easier.  Going forward, I would like to eat at least one meal each day, but I’m interested to see what type of effects 36-hour intervals of fasting/feasting can produce over a month.

(Photo Credits: Lord Jim)

6 responses to “Life Experiment #40 – Water Fasting Every Other Day For A Month”

  1. Iulia Ciesnik says:

    Would it be possible to give a status update on your experiment?

  2. Speshul K says:

    I’m thinking since there was no progress report it was a failure. If there was anything positive to come out of the experiment it would have rated a post to update us.

  3. tracy says:

    did they starve to death or die of boredom?

  4. Sweetness says:

    lmbo @ Tracy lol! I’m curious myself because i’ve been doing some fasting myself. So please please update us with your results.

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