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Life Experiment #49 – 30 Days Of Trail Running

By Allen Rinehart

Woong Mountain

Last year, I ran my first marathon.  I still consider it one of my greatest physical accomplishments.  Setting big goals and accomplishing them are things that make life worth living.  To feel truly alive we must push ourselves outside of our comfort zones.  Here in South Korea, I live in the district of Jinhae.  It’s on the southern tip of the country and surrounded almost completely by mountains.  Hiking is big in Korea.  It’s almost a requirement to own at least one hiking outfit to live here.  I decided to take advantage of those trails and take on 30 days of trail running.

Hypothesis: While weight loss and increased endurance do help the motivation to work out, my primary goal with this habit is to increase my physical activity.  When I trained for my marathon last year and ran everyday, my overall metabolism was higher.  I started everyday with a morning run and felt amazing afterwards.  I hope that this experience will raise my energy levels throughout the day.

How To Use A  Smart Phone To Keep Yourself Accountable To Run Everyday

Running is not complicated.  Strap on your shoes and go.  The hardest part about running is having the motivation to do it everyday.  Enter the smartphone.  For this trial I’ll be using two apps to stay motivated….GymPact and MapMyRun


GymPact keeps you motivated to either go to the gym or for a run by betting yourself that you’ll do it.  You can bet yourself as little as $5 for each workout that you’ll follow through on it.  Complete the workout and the app rewards you with money from other members who don’t follow through.  While the money you receive may only be a few cents, the idea that you’ll be charged a “fine” is enough to push anyone to keep going.  For runs you have to run at least a mile with in an hour and a half and you have to run for at least 30 minutes.


GymPact uses data from MapMyFitness apps to track your running workouts.  I’ve used this app while training for my marathon last year.  It records all your routes via your phones GPS and uploads your workouts to share with your friends.  They even have the option of setting a custom goal.  For this trial, I put in a goal to run everyday for 30 days.

If you want to add me as a friend on MapMyRun my username is Allen25848004.  Happy trails! 🙂


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