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Life Experiment #36 – Eat A Raw Vegan Diet

By Allen Rinehart

The other day I witnessed a miracle.  I watched the documentary Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.  I saw six with people with diabetes completely cure themselves of their disease.  Most of the participants dropped at least 20-30 lbs.  One man stop taking 19 different medicines.  All of them were able to reduce or eliminate their need to take insulin.  While I don’t have diabetes and I don’t even have any health problems, I was curious.  Most people consider diabetes incurable and here are these people curing themselves on diet alone…Interesting.

What would happen if you ate the foods you were supposed to?  What would happen if you took out all the meat, dairy, white fours, refined sugars and caffeine?  What would change?  If these people could cure themselves of a disease through this diet, what would happen to a seemly healthy person.  I had to find out.  That’s why this month I taking on 30 Days of a Raw, Vegan Diet.

Hypothesis: Through initial testing of 1-2 day trials of a mainly raw fruit diet, I was able to get more rest, increase my energy levels, lose weight and have healthier skin with this diet.  I believe I will have that same effect if I continue the diet for the duration of a month.

The 80/10/10 – The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need

During my seven month deployment in the US Navy I read book called,  The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham.  While the mysterious title doesn’t really give you an indication of what the diet entails, it’s actually based on a very simply idea.  The optimal human diet should consist of 80 % of calories from fruit carbohydrates and the other 10% from protein and 10% from fat.

The diet is a raw, vegan diet based primarily on eating mostly fruit.  You can eat as much fruit as you want and as many nuts and vegetables as you care for.  What I really liked about this book compared to a lot of other raw food diets is how simply it is.  Most of the recipes in the book involve just chopping up fruits and eating them whole.  This works for me considering that I live on a US Navy ship which I sometimes have no other choice to eat from.  The Navy believe it or not always has a pretty nice fruit and salad bar selection.

Why We Are All Fat

Too much fat, sugar and cholesterol is the reason why most of  suffer from dietary health problems.  And most of us try to fight these urges with diets that restrict the portion or frequency size.  Dr. Graham even points out that many raw vegans can still stuffer from health problems from eating too many fats found in nuts or avocados.  So if eating less foods isn’t the answer…what are we to do?

Filling Full With Fruits

When you really think about it, it make sense that humans would naturally gravitate towards fruit as a staple in our diets.  Fruit appeals to our senses.  It’s brightly colored and smells delicious.  The natural sugars satiate our appetite.  Our fingers allows us to easily peel the skin off and we can eat it without any preparation.  If you’re like me, the idea of eating a big bowl of salad the rest of your life isn’t that appealing.  But most of us would crave a big bowl of strawberries, mango and oranges.  How does 10 bananas for breakfast sound.

The key to this diet is eating large portions of fruit.  Most of us are used to eating smaller portions of food, because most of our food has been cooked and processed so much that it feels unnatural to eat till you’re stuffed.  But eating this way allows you to consume enough calorie to last till your next meal.  If you don’t there might be the tendency to feel hungry between meals.

Here’s my basic rules for this month:

  1. Eat as much fruit and vegetables as I want as often as I want.  Who wants limit themselves.  I say eat (the right thing) and be marry.  Why starve yourself.
  2. Avoid all alcohol and caffeine.  This will be easy considering I will be out to sea under the duration of this trial.
  3. Eat only fresh uncooked, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Here’s a sample of what a day on the 80/10/10 diet might look like.
  4. If adequate food isn’t available I can use fasting rather than eating cooked vegetables or starches.  This also is good training for avoiding the awkwardness of going somewhere where no fresh fruits and vegetables are available.

Why I Could Fail

Probably the hardest part about eating this way is not the diet itself, but everyone else.  It’s really hard to fit into a society that’s mainly eating fried meats, processed dairies and sugars as their main source of calories.  I remember the first meal I tested out on this diet, I got the strangest looks from my shipmates sitting next to me in my ship’s galley.  I walked over with a giant pile of mango and oranges at lunch and no one really understood why I was eating so much fruit in the middle of the day.

Sometimes doing great things means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  Who knows my comfort zone might someday be eating this diet.  For now it time embrace a little change…Who got an mango for this guy? 😛

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  2. Sunn says:

    Hello Allen, I found your website really interesting. I would like to know how it’s going your experiment with 80/10/10 diet. Do you feel any improvements in energy, brain fog, concentration..? I also would like to know what about your conclusions on 30 days with cold showers:) Best regards

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