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Life Experiment #10: Improve My Vision Naturally In 60 Days

By Allen Rinehart

During my Military Entrance Processing (MEPS) on Friday, I did good on all my physicals expect my vision.  I failed horribly on my depth perception test and score a 20/400 and 20/50 on my left and right eye respectively.

I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember.  I think I was 10 when I got my first pair and I’ve worn them non-stop for the last 16 years of my life.

You can’t wear contacts or glasses in Navy Boot Camp.  If you need corrective lenses they give you GI Glasses aka BC Glasses or “Birth Control” Glasses. They’re thick lenses in ugly plastic frames.

I appreciate what contacts do for my eyes, but I really see it as a lifelong dependency.  The irony of corrective lenses is the more you wear them the more your vision degenerates.

So, in order to prevent a life-long dependency on glasses and make my life in the military easier, I’m going to work on improving my vision over the next 60-days…


I believe that by working on my vision for 60 days in a row, I can complete eliminate the need to wear glasses.  I’ve done mini-trials of vision exercises before over a 3-4 day period and seen significant improvement, but have given up.  This time I’m going all out.  I’m shooting for 20/20 vision by May 1st when I take my eye exam at boot camp.


  1. Take Those Glasses Off. I wear contacts pretty much from the time I wake-up till a few minutes before bed.  My eyes are rarely ever get to experience what it’s like to see the world for themselves. The first time I intentionally took them off was a very moving and spiritual experience.  I realized that I’m not that far off from seeing clearly.My eyes felt free and natural.  It’s almost like the one scene from Return of The Jedi where Darth Vader takes his helmet off to see Luke with his own eyes.  The key to this step is to take your corrective lenses off and leave them off.  Do it right now!  Do it for 10 minutes. And then ONLY use them for when you absolutely need them (driving, classroom work, etc)
  2. Do Daily Eye Exercises. There’s a ton of eye exercises out there that you can do but I’ll be doing the one out of the book, Improve Your Vision Without Glasses Or Contact Lenses from The American Vision Institute.  Some of the basic exercises you will do include:
    • Hand Palming – Resting your head on your hands by placing your hands palm-side up over your closed eyes.
    • Fast & Squeezing Blinking – These exercises are designed to stimulate moisture in the eyes.
    • Hydro & Light Therapy And Massage– These treatments help stimulate blood in eyes.
    • Pumping, Eye Rolls & Clock Rotations – These exercises strengthen the muscles around the eye.

    Here’s Paul McCartney explaining some of these basic exercises:

  3. Wear pinhole Glasses for an hour a day.
    I bought a pair of these on eBay for about $10.  There not a lot of research out there on how effective these are in improving vision, but many people swear by them. For $10, I’ll a take a chance and try these out.  I’ve already practiced wearing them for a few hours.The glasses have a similar effect to looking at one of those pinwheel illusion like the one below.  The longer you wear them the longer the after effects of clear vision you have.  The longest I’ve worn them is 20 minutes at a time and I had about 2 minutes of slightly clear vision afterwords.  What makes the glasses work is they force light through a small hole and focus it in the eye.  If you make a fist and look through a small opening in it you can see this effect.

    They seem to work best on improving distance viewing.  I tried using them while reading or working on the computer and it was just too hard.  You also need plenty of light to see because of the lack of light coming through the holes.  I’m going to just make it a general rule to wear these glasses whenever I watch TV.

  4. Take A Multi-Vitamin Everyday. This is easy one.  You need vitamins anyways, but vitamins A, C and E have been scientifically proven to help vision loss by restoring muscular degeneration in the eyes.  I’ll just make a point to ensure that I take a vitamin everyday of the trial.

I’m really excited about this trial.  It’ll be so freeing not to have to worry about artifical device just to help me see.  I also believe establishing these habits will help me to avoid vision problems when I get older.  Vision is one of our most valuable senses and most of us take it for granted.  But, with a little bit a work, you have improve it.

Is you vision getting worst every year? Why?
What are you doing to make it better?

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8 responses to “Life Experiment #10: Improve My Vision Naturally In 60 Days”

  1. Dante says:

    lemme know how this goes, im thinkin bout it

  2. Elijah says:

    Did your vision improve in 60 days?

    • Nope, I still wear contacts, but it’s worth a try. Your vision may be better than mine. I know there’s a natural cure for vision problems, but I wasn’t able to get results in the 60 days that I tried it. I might take 6-12 months of vision exercises, but I’m sure if you’re persistent enough, you could completely cure your vision problems.

  3. sean says:

    this blog is a cool idea but is completely ruined by your lack of follow up. if youre going to the trouble of these 60 or 30 day experiments i cant see why you wouldnt follow them up with a report.

    only conclusion i have from your site; you aint doing shit.

  4. Jonathan says:

    @Sean. Totally agree. What a great idea, what cr@p follow up. If thats the case then why dont you decide to take over the world…! #followup

  5. Briana Garcia says:

    @Sean and Jonathan: Get over it. It has been 3 years since he has posted this. His comment did a semi-follow up. He isn’t required to follow-up just because he posted he was going to do it. If you want a true follow-up why don’t you do it yourself? Eyes are not the same. There is NO reason for you to be rude because you are too scared to try things yourself. I agree the blog is a good idea but he has better things to do then follow-up on it. He was preparing for Boot Camp as well, there is a lot that needs to be prepared before you ship to Boot Camp.

  6. bahar says:

    really??? i allways wanted to do so but i didnt how to do?? please help…i dont want a surgery on my eyes….

  7. John says:

    Try this to improve your eye vision

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