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Life Experiment #56: Improve My Eyesight Using a Smartphone App

By Allen Rinehart

Screenshot of the Eye Care Plus App


I’ve had an interest in trying to naturally improve my vision since 2009 when I was about to go to Navy boot camp. During those two months, I noticed an improvement in my eyesight after doing a series of eye exercises but ultimately didn’t stick with it. Then on a 7-month deployment in 2011, I decided to give up wearing contacts the entire time and again I noticed an improvement.

But, by far my biggest improvement in eyesight came in 2012 when I decided to give up wearing contacts altogether and gradually reduced my glasses prescription over the last five years. I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts non-stop since I was 15, but now at 34 years old, I only wear glasses at work and occasionally at home when needed.

Hypothesis: I believe that daily vision training will get me close to the point where I no longer need glasses and for the next month I will be using the Eye Care Plus app for 30 minutes a day.

Vision Improvement…There’s an app for that.

The idea of using an app to improve my eyesight came to me after reading an article in Popular Mechanics. The article was about a group of researchers who conducted a study with 19 baseball players from the University of California. The players used an app called UltimEyes for 30 minutes a day and the vision training improved the player’s distance vision an average of 31 percent.

The concept of the vision training was not based on strengthening the eye muscles but improving the brain’s ability to process visual cues called neuroplasticity. The idea is that our brains can be re-wired to process visual objects more accurately. After reading the article, I tried UltimEyes and needless to say I was not impressed. The app simply presents a series of small blurs to the viewer which you have to find and click. It’s interesting at first but gets pretty boring after 30 minutes.

This ultimately led me to look at other vision improvement apps. Eye Care Plus is one of the best vision improvement apps out there and it’s free! The app gives you a daily program of “exercises” in which you can use to treat various eye conditions such as dry eyes, accommodation, improving eye muscles or increasing relaxation. After a few sessions, I noticed an improvement in my visual acuity. The app has various levels of training times ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes a day. I going the full 30 minutes and I’ll be using the built in eye test once a week to gauge progress. I’ll post my results after a month and see what a difference this app can make.












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