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Experiment Conclusion #14: Become A Vegetarian

By Allen Rinehart

My vegetarian trial has ended today. During the trial I cheated and ate fish about four times.  There wasn’t really a major change from the way I normally eat but it did make me more aware of what I was eating while I was eating it.  From a health prospective, I don’t thinking changing from a pescetarian to a vegetarian is going to produce dramatic health results.  People might have more drastic results if they switched from a meat eater to a pescetarian (like I did back in 2004) or from a vegetarian to a vegan.

Lessons Learned

  1. Trials Need Tracking – What I’ve noticed from tracking my results from the Push-Up Trial is that anything you’re trying to focus on needs to be tracked.  Here are some ways to track your progress though out a trial
    • Record Your Thoughts In A Daily Journal – I did this for a lot of original trials.  It helps to understand your progress.  What you’re doing right.  What you’re doing wrong.  Each day you can focus your thoughts on what you’re trying to change.
    • Find a metric you can measure. What can you quantify?  If it can measured, if can be managed.  Is it a number of hours per day you’re committing to a goal, number of activities you must preform, how you feel about something (scale of 1-10).  You can use Track-n-graph or create a graph and spreadsheet like I’m doing in my 100 Push-Ups Experiment.
  2. Share Your Progress – Post it on FacebookTweet it.  List it on 43things.  Let others know what you’re up to and how you’re doing it.  The positive reinforcement is rewarding.
  3. Keep a log – Record what you do.  Keep a time log.  Keep a food log (something I should consider for a future food trials).
  4. Remember your most important factor. While I can sit here and say that using all these tools would be great, the reality is that we all have many things going on in our lives and realistically, we’re not going always keep track of everything.  But remember what your most important factor is and remember to track it everyday.
  5. Reminder yourself why you’re doing this – What’s your reason?  Post it on your wall.  Look at it everyday.  Why do you want to change?

Conclusion – Veganism and Raw Foods

While I don’t think I’m going to switch to 100% vegetarian right now, I know that there’s a lot of potential to going vegan and eventually a raw foodist.  I noticed that since I don’t eat meat, I’m eating a lot of dairy, sugar, and refined carbohydrates.
I believe these foods are the biggest causes of most of the acne that I have now and I know eliminating them is the key to living a healthier lifestyle.  I’m sure that someone who eats meat could probably be fairly healthy if they ate mostly lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables.  I guess the trick is to eliminate one food one at a time, such as no eggs for a month .  The most confusing part about going vegan for me is understanding what foods contain animal products.  So stay tuned for more food experiments.

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