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About Me

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Have you ever thought about making a change in your life?  Maybe you should start exercising more.  Maybe you wanted to learn how to play an instrument. Or learn a new language.  Or run a marathon.  This blog is is about changing yourself.  Specifically changing yourself over the next 30 days.  Once a week, I start a 30 day trial of something new I want to try in my life.  Some new skill I want to learn.  A habit I want to start doing.  Something I want to stop doing.  Anything that get me excited and I think, “Yeah, that’d be so cool to try that.”

Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog as a way to document my own process with setting goals.  I’ve found that writing makes your goals come alive.  Writing takes what you’re thinking ( I should run…, I should study more…) and makes it real.  It focuses your thoughts and energy to things that actually happen.  Writing = action.

In the past, I’ve attempted different goals.  But gave up when no one’s looking.  Putting my goals on a blog makes me more accountable to actually finishing them.

But what I found is my own action inspired others to succeed as well.  I realized that the best way to create change in other people is to show them that you can succeed yourself.  Your actions…or lack there of…definitely speak louder than words.

Change is hard, but putting a limit of a month on something allows you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  What if you start something new and decide you don’t like it?  I tried starting a resume writing business and realized that it was incredibility boring.  I tried eating raw foods found that if didn’t fit in my lifestyle right now.  Putting that 30 day limit on things gives you an exit to test things out.  And no one likes a quitter, but everyone can respect someone who puts a limit on something.

How can I create my own “Monthly Trial”?

  1. Decide what you want to do.  Make a list.  Write everything down
    you’d like to try to do, be, or have in the next couple of month.
  2. Pick one goal.
  3. Write out another list of everything you need to do to accomplish that goal.
  4. Begin immediately.  You don’t need to necessarily start whatever you want to do,
    but maybe you need do some research first, maybe you need to call someone or
    buy something first.
  5. Make in public.  Post it on your blog, your twitter, your facebook.  Let other people
    hold you accountable to accomplishing your goal.  You may be able to quit after a
    month, but you need to get started.

What if it doesn’t work?  What if I….FAIL?

It’s OK.  You’ll always learn something new.  Life is short.  We only have some much time on this planet, so pat yourself on the back for trying something new this month.  Congratulate yourself.  Throw yourself a party.  You did and you are awesome for it.  Change is fun.  Try new things is fun.  Get started now by reading over some of the most recent trials I’ve tried.

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